I’ve been doing web development since 1996. I spent several years designing and building web sites before interest in user interface design brought me into the software industry. From 1998 through 2003 I worked for several enterprise software companies in the Bay Area designing the user interface for web-based applications.

I started contributing to Open Source projects in 2002 and had the good fortune to be one of the original developers contributing to WordPress. From 2004-2007 I moved to Denver and built my reputation as an independent developer. In 2007 I founded Crowd Favorite and began hiring a team as a reaction to more interesting projects than I could handle on my own.

6 years later Crowd Favorite is 15 people strong with a healthy client base and a reputation for turning out interesting projects and products.

Along the way I created ShareThis and the Share Icon, and was the co-founder of Feedlounge and founder of WP Help Center.

In 2013 I was diagnosed with cancer.

Besides my computer related interests, I keep busy with a healthy collection of sports and activities including my family, golf, volleyball, softball (if only I had the time), guitar and photography.

Elsewhere on the Web

The online services I engage on are linked in the sidebar. I have a few other sites I’m involved with:

Hire Me

Crowd Favorite

Crowd Favorite is my web development business. We’ve got a great team of designers and developers and love to take on fun projects.


Links to slides/video/etc. from my speaking engagements can be found here.

About This Site

alexking.org officially launched on November 1, 2002. It used a home grown templating system alongside a b2 powered blog. The blog was upgraded to WordPress, a golf blog and PunBB powered forums/ were added (the forums were removed some time back), and content grew and grew in the blog.

It was probably in early 2004 when I was starting to feel growing pains with my templating system. When I built a new King Design web site in 2005 I used WordPress as the CMS platform. I’ve used WordPress to drive pretty much every site I’ve built since then.

I launched alexking.org v21 in November of 2006. alexking.org v2 was a completely WordPress driven site (except for the forums – still PunBB). It’s fairly heavily customized to combine two blogs as well as my old template system content into a single site. I’ve released a number of my customizations as plugins.

alexking.org v3 (current) was launched in August 2011. It is running the FavePersonal theme that is largely influenced by my needs on this site. In this iteration I was able to remove a lot of hacks and use a number of newer WordPress APIs to make the site more maintainable for the long term.

  1. If you’re curious about what version 1 looked like, the WayBack Machine can hook you up. [back]