Introducing Eric Miller

Last week King Design‘s staff grew by 100% when Eric Miller accepted my offer to come on board1.

Eric Miller

Eric will be working on all sorts of fun stuff, but one thing we’re focusing on is expanding the amount of custom development consulting work King Design does – particularly custom WordPress development. There is a lot of great stuff being built on WordPress these days, and I’m looking forward to King Design being able to take on more of these projects now.

We’ve already got our first project lined up (starting it this week!), and we’re actively talking with people about possible projects going forward. If you’re looking for someone to work on a custom development project or WordPress customizations/implementations, please get in touch. 🙂

I’m very excited about this. Over the last year or so I’ve been struggling to split my time between working on my products and working on interesting short-term projects that have presented themselves. By splitting time, I haven’t been doing either as well as I can be, and that isn’t acceptable. I was basically to the point where I had to either choose one or the other, or bring on additional help (as I’ve done) in order to allow both sides of the business to grow and thrive.

We’ll have a couple more announcements coming in the next few months – stay tuned.

Here is a brief bio on Eric (also on the King Design About page now):

Eric holds a BS in Symbolic Systems from Stanford and an M.Arch from the University of Colorado. He’s produced albums for “sneaky pop”® musicians and taught design courses at CU-Boulder, and has had some sort of web project going since 1995.

When not soaking in the beauty of Colorado or training in aikido, Eric likes to draw parallels between things and other things.

  1. As hinted at on Twitter. [back]

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