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A feed reader start-up I co-founded with my friend Scott. We created a great web-based feed reading interface but sadly weren’t able to make the business a success. When the demise of Google Reader was announced I was flattered to see a few folks waxing nostalgic for FeedLounge.

8 Months
Jun 28, 2006Yahoo! Auto-Complete
Also in project: Tasks Pro™
Apr 22, 2006Expectations
Apr 20, 2006FeedLounge APIs
Apr 1, 2006TalkCrunch
Mar 11, 2006Upgrading WordPress
Also in project: Tasks Pro™
Mar 4, 2006Valid OPML?
Feb 21, 2006Mashup Camp, Day 2
Feb 21, 2006Mashup Camp, Day 1
Feb 20, 2006Off to Mashup Camp
Feb 18, 2006FeedLounge Downtime
Feb 11, 200624 Hour Turnaround
Feb 9, 2006Voting System
Jan 24, 2006FeedLounge Free Tour
Jan 16, 2006FeedLounge is Open!
Jan 9, 2006FeedLounge Pricing
Jan 9, 2006Landed
Jan 5, 2006FeedLounge Alpha 7
Dec 20, 2005One of those days…
Dec 19, 2005Saving Feed Items
Dec 14, 2005FeedFlare Skepticism
Dec 13, 2005IE Wrestling
Sep 26, 2005How I Use FeedLounge
Sep 16, 2005Bay Area Next Week
Aug 18, 2005Advertising
Jul 26, 2005FeedLounge Investment
Jul 20, 2005Overwhelmed
Jul 15, 2005FeedLounge Alpha 4
Jul 13, 2005ZT Group Servers?
Jul 11, 2005New FeedLounge Alpha Server
Also in project: Tasks Pro™
Jun 24, 2005More on Greasemonkey
Jun 12, 2005SubEthaEdit
Jun 11, 2005E-mail Stats
Jun 10, 2005What a Week
Also in project: Tasks Pro™
Jun 8, 2005Anticipation