Introducing Ruby gems: Capistrano-WP and Steps →

Capistrano-WP is a Ruby gem containing recipes for deploying, rolling back, and maintaining remote WordPress installations with Capistrano.

We’ve been investing quite a bit in our internal tools over the last year or so. It is awesome to be able to spin up a project locally, with good data, in minutes. It’s even cooler when you can run a simple command to update the staging environment, make updates to the master database or pull down the latest master database.

People frequently ask if RAMP can push plugin and theme changes as part of it’s deployment process. The reason we’ve focused solely on making RAMP a WordPress content migration tool is because there are already so many good tools for code deployment.

I’m very pleased we got our wrapper to the point it was ready for public release. Need help with getting a good deployment strategy in place for WordPress? We can help.

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