“Share This” Icon Concept #1

As previously discussed, I think it would be a good idea to come up with a generic “social bookmarking”/”sharing” icon for use with things like my Share This plugin.

I’ve come up with a rough concept icon:

Share This Icon Concept 1

It’s in the same vein as the feed icon as Chris discussed.

The connected dots represent information/data/ideas passing from one originating place to others. The green color is used to reinforce the “go”ing nature of the interaction.

It’s obviously rough, and just a first concept so hopefully we can discuss it as a concept rather than picking at the problems in the details1.

The comments are open.

UPDATE: Here is a version that will shrink to a small icon size better:

Share This Icon Concept 1a

Please continue to post your own contributions (links to images, etc.) in the comments – but remember to test them at 12×12 pixels and 16×16 pixels as well. Use the feed icons package as an example.

UPDATE: Concept #2 posted.

  1. The connected circles on the interior probably need to be a bit larger/bolder to work at a small size, etc. [back]

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