June, 2004

  1. Organized

    Chris Pederick has posted a review of Tasks. I like how he describes the path he followed to make his purchase. I’m glad that there are people migrating from the donationware version to the paid version. Several people have told me I should get rid of the donationware version, that it cuts into potential sales.…

  2. WP Photos Plugin for WordPress 1.2

    I’ve finally released my WP Photos plugin for WordPress 1.2. Download (51kB) I’ll be following this thread in the WP Support Forums for bug reports. Note: You have to edit the index.php and the wp-admin/edit.php page to use this, if you aren’t comfortable editing PHP files, this isn’t for you.

  3. Use Tasks: A Hosted Service for Tasks and Tasks Pro™

    I’m very pleased to announce the launch of Use Tasks, a hosted service for Tasks and Tasks Pro™! If you’ve been interested in Tasks or Tasks Pro™ but didn’t feel comfortable installing and configuring PHP and MySQL, Use Tasks is for you. Besides not having to worry about the server requirements, there are many other…

  4. Tasks 2.1rc1 and Tasks Pro™ 1.2rc1 Released

    Tasks 2.1rc1 and Tasks Pro™ 1.2rc1 have been released. Changes: A bug that kept the iCalendar preferences from showing in Tasks has been fixed. Data passed in to be appended or prepended to the notes of a task have slashes stripped properly. Changed the default for ‘Update breadcrumbs as you type’ to off because some…

  5. French Translation for Tasks Pro™

    Thanks to Frederik Cazenave, there is now a French translation for Tasks Pro™! You can download it from the support page. He also posted some useful tips on doing the translation in the forums. This post is part of the project: Tasks Pro™. View the project timeline for more context on this post.

  6. Photos 4.1rc1 Released

    I’ve released Photos 4.1rc1. This fixes a bug that kept the Next and Last buttons from working properly in lists. If I don’t get more bug reports, this will be the final 4.1 release. This post is part of the project: Photos. View the project timeline for more context on this post.

  7. Around the web

    Proper character encoding is hard. I still don’t understand why JavaScript’s escape() function breaks UTF-8 strings. (thanks Geof) Aaron Gleeman has a good article on Hardball Times: A tale of two halves. Is PHP the natural upgrade path for ASP 3.0 / VB 6? Camino 0.8 is out. This is the browser I use and…

  8. WordPress Implementation

    The WordPress implementation I did for the Gifford Miller campaign is live: The Official Gifford Miller Blog. It was a good project. The site design was given to me and my job was to fit the blog into the existing template, adding a few hacks and making a few minor customizations. The communication by the…