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  1. The NOLA Crew

    Me, Devin, Joe, Corey and Steve

    This has been a very good weekend. This post is part of the thread: 2014 Walkabout – an ongoing story on this site. View the thread timeline for more context on this post.

  2. Augusta Photo Walk

    In the evening I went for a brief stroll along the river walk and down Broad street. I took a few photos. Then on my way back to the hotel I had to pull over to take a few shots of First Baptist Church against an awesome sky. That’s a big church. This post is…

  3. Blue Skies at Forest Hills

    Forest Hills

    What a difference a day makes. Today turned into the kind of day I was hoping for on this trip and I took advantage of the weather to play a round of golf at Forest Hills. I was joined by two British chaps who had arrived in the wee hours of the morning. They were…

  4. Augusta History Museum

    Ty Cobb

    With a little time to kill yesterday I went to the Augusta History Museum. Pretty interesting mix of stuff. There was a bit on the revolutionary and civil war, complete with various weapons and uniforms. There was also a bit about golf and an interesting mix of stuff about famous people from the Augusta area.…

  5. An Inauspicious Start

    Masters Practice Round Canceled

    Today was supposed to be one of my two practice round days at the Masters. Poseidon has intervened unkindly and I find myself instead in a Panera in a strip mall on my laptop. I’m on my way to check out a museum and scope out a place to watch tonight’s NCAA game – any…