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  1. Digital Design Leadership: Alex King →

    I’m a big fan of good interviewers, so I was thrilled when Richard Banfield (CEO of Fresh Tilled Soil) asked me to sit down with him for his series on digital design leadership.

    Richard asks some good probing questions about my experience in growing the team at Crowd Favorite, how I approach challenges, and our transition into the larger and more distributed post-merger company. I hope you enjoy it!

    Runtime: ~19 minutes – and there is a text transcript!

  2. Interviewed on WP Elevation

    I did an interview with Troy Dean for WP Elevation which is now available. I talk quite a bit about my history with WordPress and my approaches to various things including my work experience, my team, working with clients, and the merger with VeloMedia. This is the first time I’ve done an interview like this…

  3. A Good Interviewer

    I’ve been wanting to write about good vs. bad interviews for a while now. My recent interview for the WP Engine blog gives me a good positive example to point to – that probably puts this post in a better light than a frustrated rant would. 🙂 I’ve participated in written, remote (audio and video)…

  4. Interviewed on WP Engine Blog →

    I had the pleasure of hanging out with some of the WP Engine guys at WordCamp Denver. I’ve done an interview for their blog, in which I touch on a number of WordPress-related ideas that have been germinating for me over the last few years (in particular an official commercial marketplace and a way of differentiating developers from implementors).

  5. Audience vs. Content

    This past weekend I had the opportunity to be interviewed at WordCamp Seattle. It was great to catch up a little with some fellow WordPress developers and a nice opportunity to share a little about the good fortune I’ve had to be a part of the WordPress project. In preparing for the interview, Nick Ohrn…

  6. SxSW WordPress Business Panel Audio

    The audio is now online from the WordPress business panel I participated in at SxSW 2011.1 I talk quite a bit about Crowd Favorite and running a WordPress development business in the first 15 minutes or so, then chime in here and there throughout the rest of the hour. My thanks to Shane for putting…

  7. Open Source Motivations

    David Hobson recently contacted me as he is doing research info business/financial models and motivation for Open Source projects. He sent me some questions that I answered; we thought that the answers might be interesting to the general community as well. David indicated it will be a little while before he finishes his research and…

  8. Interviewed on

    I’ve been interviewed on the blog to kick off their WP Heavy Hitters feature. In the interview I discuss a little bit about how my businesses started, how they work and some lessons learned along the way. My thanks to Sally for putting together some good initial and follow-up questions; I hope it’s of…

  9. Interviewed on WP Community Podcast

    I was interviewed on the WP Community podcast by hosts Joost De Valk and Frederick Townes. We covered a number of topics – hopefully the content is of interest (and sorry about the ads). You can stream or download the podcast here.