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  1. How I’d Make an iPad Pro


    I’m all in on the iPad, but as noted previously I largely agree with Lukas Mathis that it’s currently a tool best used for consumption. That said, I also believe that the future of computing looks more like an iPad and less like a laptop for most normal users. Looking at how Apple has taken…

  2. A “Writing” Desktop

    Writing Desktop

    I often find myself in a situation where I need to interrupt my development to focus on writing something; but I don’t want to screw up my development environment (open apps, browsers, consoles, terminal windows, etc.). I used to use OS X’s Hide Others command (Command+Option+H) from the Application Menu, but recently I’m trying a…

  3. Stickies as Visual Organizer


    For the last few months I’ve been trying something new to visually organize my priorities. I’m using the built-in OS X Stickies app as a visual organizer. I have a separate desktop that I use just as a Stickies board. It’s easy for me to switch over to it as needed when I want a…