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To answer his questions:

If youre sending the article to someone via e-mail, you dont have the opportunity to type in a quick comment to the recipient.

Correct, this is to keep it from becoming a spammer’s tool.

I had to manually alphabetize the links, which seemed to be in some haphazard order by default.

They are loosely ordered by: most popular on top, bookmarks in the first column and meme-trackers in the second.

And whats with the side-to-side alphabetization I think top-down newspaper column-style sorting is more intuitive.

If there was a way to split a list this way with CSS (without creating 2 lists), I’d have used it.

A standard Help or ? link.

Not a bad idea.

The pop-up should close if the user clicks outside the box.

I’ve been waffling on this – I’m not sure how I feel about attaching an event handler to the page body. Easy enough for someone to add though if they want it.

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