The iPhone Is a Breakthrough Handheld Computer →

Keyboard: The virtual keys are large and get larger as you touch them. Software tries to guess what you’re typing, and fix errors. Overall, it works. But the error-correction system didn’t seem as clever as the one on the BlackBerry, and you have to switch to a different keyboard view to insert a period or comma, which is annoying.

Exactly. This initial iPhone isn’t trying to be a BlackBerry or a primary e-mail device (which, along with the AT&T service, is the reason I don’t plan to get one). Ever since Jobs took over again, Apple has eschewed input in favor browsing on their mobile devices. Think of the iPhone as a phone, music player, video player and digital photo display that can also browse the web and allow you to read e-mail and view your calendar. If you need to do a lot of data entry on your mobile device, get something with a physical keyboard.

Now if they make a slider iPhone with a physical keyboard a few years down the road…

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