January, 2010

  1. Around the web

    BlackBerry defectors, Auto Correct Dictionary editing and more …From the Forums | PreCentral.net Apple iPad, mobile device ruminations | Eric Chengs Journal – I’ve been through a similar journey as Eric. I’m not sure I agree with the idea of a 3rd device filling the gap between phone and laptop for the simple reason that…

  2. Mobile PwdHash

    I updated my PwdHash page to tweak the CSS for mobile (webkit) browsers. It’s not quite a replacement for a native app on a mobile device, but it’s a lot better than the desktop version was. Feel free to use it if you like. This post is part of the thread: Passwords – an ongoing…

  3. Twitter Tools 2.2.1

    I’ve released a new version of Twitter Tools, my WordPress plugin that creates a full 2-way integration between your blog and your Twitter account. This release addresses two bugs: The use of the native json_decode() function, required by the changes in WordPress 2.9 (version 2.1) created a problem for users with servers running 32-bit PHP.…

  4. Back to Palm?

    I tried a Palm Pre on Sprint last year and it didn’t take. To be honest, I didn’t really try it as a primary device, I just played with it a bit and returned it. I’m going to give it another go – I have an appointment at the local Verizon to pick one up…

  5. Around the web

    You aren’t going to need it. (YAGNI) – I believe very stronly in this. Simple code design makes it easier to refactor later when needed. Why you can never work ‘full time’ The Hickensian Hicksdesign – start a business and grow an appreciation for people that played other roles (marketing, support, management) in companies where…

  6. Tweetage Wasteland →

    I was lucky enough to be tipped off about this site before it officially launched. I’ve been subscribed for a couple of months now – highly recommended. Check out the overview, then go back and read a few of the gems that are already up there. It’s for a niche readership for sure, but it’s great stuff.

  7. Around the web

    Palm Pixi vs. Palm Pre: A Quick 10-Min Dogfight – PhoneDog Cell Phone Videos Happy birthday to me! Im joining Google – Congratulations to Chris and Google, I look forward to seeing what comes next. Energizer Energi Stick Gets You An Extra 30 Minutes Of Talk Time On Your BlackBerry – this is slick. TotalFinder…

  8. Show all svn:externals

    If you need to see all svn:externals in a directory structure, this is your huckleberry: svn propget -R svn:externals . Logging this here for my own future reference. This post is part of the thread: Version Control – an ongoing story on this site. View the thread timeline for more context on this post.

  9. Professional Email App →

    I agree that it’s needed but I disagree that it should be necessarily be built as Open Source (unless there is a full-time developer/malevolent dictator driving things – in which case, it could just as easily be built as a commercial app). Singularity of vision is too important in this type of product creation.

  10. Late Night TV Hubbub

    I’m a bit baffled by all of the late night TV shuffling, arguing, debating, etc. Are there still people that watch TV (besides sporting events) at their broadcast time? I’ve had a DVR since 2002 – I can hardly fathom watching TV another way.

  11. WordPress 2.9 and PHP Libraries

    I recently put new releases of my Twitter Tools plugin – basically patches so that it would work in WordPress 2.9 on versions of PHP prior to 5.2. This is an interesting situation, where I hadn’t really done anything wrong in the plugin and the WP core team hadn’t really done anything wrong in the…

  12. Wanted Browser Keyboard Shortcut: Focus to First Field

    I’d love to have a keyboard shortcut that would set focus on the first visible field. Y’know, for web apps/sites that don’t set focus properly when the page loads. My simple jQuery snippet works well for this – how easy would it be to turn that into Chrome and Firefox extensions? Little project for someone?