September, 2011

  1. WooCommerce →

    Great stuff from the Woo team here. I’ve code reviewed quite a bit of it and I’m comfortable saying WooCommerce is the best WordPress-native e-commerce solution available. I’m convinced enough that we’re switching to it from another e-commerce solution on a project that’s already months into development.

  2. New Kindles

    Me: How many Kindles can I reasonably own when I just like the idea of using them but don’t actually use them? Dave: I’m not great at math, but knowing you and hearing that question, I’d say 4. I only need so many test devices for Delivereads, but they are cheap and new and shiny!…

  3. Jeffrey Sachs: A Real Jobs Program →

    Obama is right that the Republican vision of relentless tax cuts, deregulation, and shrinking government is the road to ruin. Yet Obama’s alternative of short-term and shortsighted stimulus is only marginally better. Neither approach is getting America back on track.

    America requires at least a decade of well-designed and well-executed national investments in people, infrastructure, and innovative technologies, in order to boost competitiveness and renovate the economy. Yet such an effort requires serious plans, careful deliberation, and higher taxation on deadbeat corporations and the super-rich.

    Education, infrastructure and technology. While some industries are crumbling, companies in the tech sector are struggling to find enough people to hire.

  4. Did Netflix screw up? I don’t think so. →

    In his blog post, Reed apologized for not communicating well, not for having made the wrong decision.  I agree with him on both counts.

    Interesting take. It’s always smart to remember that we on the outside have a lot less of the information that decisions are based on – especially when those decisions don’t seem to make sense.

    (thanks Dave)