November, 2011

  1. iPad, Kindle Fire as Standalone Device

    While the iPad *can* live as a stand-alone machine with iCloud, I still plug mine in every so often to load up photos, etc. As a contrast, the Kindle Fire didn’t even come with a connection cable (just a charger). I guess Amazon is backing up/hosting media in the cloud for me, no idea about…

  2. Open in PathFinder from the Terminal

    If you’re a PathFinder user, this small bash function may be useful to you: pf () { open -a “Path” $1; } It’s the equivalent to the open command that will open a Finder window to the current location in the terminal, but this will open that location in PathFinder instead. Enjoy.

  3. Last night we converted my daughter’s crib to a toddler bed (she can climb in and out). If it were up to me, I would have waited a little. Like 18 years.

  4. I love “everything” bagels. The *best* part is the seeds that stick in your teeth so you have a snack later in the morning.

  5. The Kindle Fire is hands down the most elegant Android device I’ve used (and I’ve used at least a half-dozen, phones and tablets).

  6. iMessages + FaceTime vs. iChat

    Apple’s culture is one of making choices before products get to consumers. You get X or Y, not a choice between X and Y. That’s what makes the existence of iChat (text and video chat) at the same time as iMessages (text chat) and FaceTime (video chat) so… odd. When Apple launched iChat, it was…

  7. iMessages on the Desktop

    One of the things I love about Google Voice is the way I can receive and send text messages from my phone, iPad and laptop. To borrow from “the best camera is the one that’s with you”, the best device for messaging is the one you’re currently using. It’s blindingly obvious that this sort of…

  8. Hiring: Technical Project Manager / Web Producer

    My company, Crowd Favorite, is hiring a technical project manager / web producer to join our team in our Denver office. If you love working with the latest and greatest web technology (we specialize in building Big Things with WordPress and Open Source) and want to join a top-notch team with world-class clients and projects,…