December, 2011

  1. State of the Meat 2011 Edition →

    I want to write deep, usable applications that have a shelf life of more than a few months. It can take years for an update to come out (hello VoodooPad 5!) and while the warm fuzzy feeling when folks love your application more is great, it doesn’t really feel the same as being able to make a living off your work.

    Trials and paid upgrades are things I’d like to see in the App Store as a consumer. I believe they are needed to support applications with deep functionality. The current model of “buy everything and see what works” just doesn’t jive for me. Perhaps I have too much old school baggage.

    (thanks Michael)

  2. I have about a half hour of “free time” – trying to decide which gigantic project to kick off.

  3. Not sure why some YouTube/Vimeo videos successfully play as HTML5 and some give the big INSTALL FLASH notice. Might actually install Flash.

  4. Popularity Contest is Dead (and on GitHub)

    I wrote the Popularity Contest plugin for WordPress back in May of 2005. It had a good run, but that run is over. We are no longer developing or supporting Popularity Contest, and I recommend letting it rest peacefully. Why? It does too much, and too little at the same time. It does too much.…

  5. Took nearly an hour to walk through all of the features of Twitter Tools 3.0 (creating a QA plan). It does a lot, I need to blog about it.

  6. Static Code Analysis →

    The first step is fully admitting that the code you write is riddled with errors. That is a bitter pill to swallow for a lot of people, but without it, most suggestions for change will be viewed with irritation or outright hostility. You have to want criticism of your code.