March, 2012

  1. On Paper

    Paper for iPad

    Quite simply, Paper is the best app I’ve seen in a long time.1 It just turned my iPad from a device I leave at home for email, browsing and playing games to a business tool I want to have with me all the time. Over the last six months I’ve been using paper sketches more…

  2. A Rebase Workflow for Git →

    This looks more complicated than the merge workflow. It is. It is not hard. It is valuable.

    We have our pull command set up to pull --rebase, this is a great overview of why you (almost) always want to rebase. (thanks Sandy)

    This post is part of the thread: Version Control – an ongoing story on this site. View the thread timeline for more context on this post.

  3. The Eyes Have It →

    The next morning the strangest thing happened. I was standing on the station platform in Milsons Point waiting for the train, reading a (Kindle) book on my iPad, and for the first time ever I could see the pixels. I mean I obviously had seen them before, but now I was noticing them every time I looked at the screen. My eyes were tripping over the slightly blurry sub-pixel text rendering when they should have been flowing easily from word to word.

    Same thing happened to me. I wasn’t unhappy with the iPad 2 screen, but now it looks terrible.

  4. Streamline FavePersonal with a Child Theme

    We’ve just released version 1.0.1 of FavePersonal, which has a few minor updates. There’s one in particular that I think will be particularly useful: we’ve added a link to download a the style.css file you need to create a child theme (with your currently selected colors) from the Theme Settings page in FavePersonal. While I’m…

  5. Cache them if you can →

    Some great tips, as usual, from Steve. I’d also point out that you need a strategy for how to you plan to update the resources you are telling browsers to cache. I typically favor the “update a query string var” approach.

  6. FavePersonal: Colors

    FavePersonal Color Settings

    One of the most fun features of FavePersonal is experimenting with different color palettes. We’ve made it easy to experiment with different colors and find a set that makes your site feel like it’s your own. No need to fiddle through dozens of color pickers, you can choose from full color palettes, preview them, and…