April, 2012

  1. RAMP v1.0.4 Released

    We pushed out an update to RAMP today, our WordPress plugin that makes it easy for you to stage content for review in one environment, then push it to your production server once it’s ready to go. As the version number indicates, this release is primarily to deliver a few bug fixes. Here is a…

  2. @williammanning I really hope I can get it on iTunes or Amazon, but I’ll suck it up and get HBO if I have to.

  3. @dlpasco I just had the same experience; feels odd, awesome, and a little scary (did I think of all the edge cases, etc.?).

  4. All features are “development complete” for the next version of Social. I will sleep well (though not long) tonight. #wordpress

  5. Timbuk2 Bag Recycling →

    Brilliant! I’ve long said that the problem with Timbuk2 bags is that they last forever. I carry a first generation Blogger bag that I love, except for the rough fabric on the back that pills my fleece, slacks, etc. It’s a few years old and still looks brand new. I also have a couple of 17″ Timbuk2 bags that I’ll probably never use again. A visit to the Timbuk2 store is on the list for my next trip to San Francisco.

  6. The daily choice of which things I’m going to fall (further) behind on is wearing on me. I need a pause button for the rest of you.

  7. It’s Nobody’s Fault But Valentine’s →

    No, the real surprise was that after almost a decade out of major league baseball – an exile due in part to his inability to control his mouth – Bobby Valentine, a sixty-two year old man, was after all these years unable to control his mouth.

    Rough start for the Red Sox this year.