November, 2012

  1. Are private methods code smells? →

    Coding in the real world is about tradeoffs; we have to do the best thing we can with the time, resources, and tools at our disposal. These tradeoffs may not result in an According-to-Hoyle OO (or functional) design, but we’re not writing code to provide examples of programming paradigms or design patterns; we’re writing it to accomplish something and provide value.

  2. Giving Thanks

    I’m taking Thanksgiving this year as an opportunity to thank some people who have helped shape my career. Eric Cheng – Eric and I had the opportunity to work together once his company acquired mine back in 2000. Eric and I were the corresponding UI leads for our companies, and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity…

  3. I bet the iPhone will catch compact point-and-shoot camera quality before they catch the iPhone in ease of “doing stuff” with the photos.