August, 2013

  1. Pro tip for Mac users & Wells Fargo customers: the Bill Pay section of the WF website works much better in Safari than it does in Chrome.

  2. The status of my Apple TV about 90% of the time I switch over to it.

    Apple TV

    Requires a reboot via unplug/replug.

  3. My alter ego and I are engaged in a 4 person @letterpressapp game.


  4. iOS 7 sheets on top of iOS 6 interfaces is probably the most jarring part of the UX at this point.

    iOS 6 and iOS 7 clashing

  5. SASS Variables for Selectors

    I’ve been getting friendly with SASS as Crowd Favorite has standardized on that for our CSS pre-processing. Today I was excited to learn1 I can use variables for selectors (and for property names, etc.) as well as for property values (the common usage). View the code on Gist. I’m going to really like this for…

  6. Checking out WordPress 3.5 from SVN to test a possible regression.

    Yes, my life is that exciting. Don’t be jealous.