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One thing irritated me, though: it sounds like his assumption is that job postings need not list the position’s salary or a salary range, which should instead be negotiated in the interview. When I was job-hunting, this always drove me nuts.

I’m sure that’s the case, but as an employer it’s not feasible unless you have a very narrowly defined position. At Crowd Favorite we hire the best people (for our team) we can find. It’s not uncommon for this to result in a change the original definition of the position to fit an awesome candidate (knowing that we need to make another adjustment elsewhere).

Since the position is flexible, the compensation is as well. I fear that putting out a tight salary range would cause us to lose out on a great potential teammate. Likewise, we don’t post many hard requirements in our job postings; instead we focus on outlining the skills people need to be successful in our environment.

(Apologies for the meta nature of posting on someone else’s link post – I have not listened to the originanating podcast episode yet.)

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