February, 2014

  1. Russian Police Choir Performs Get Lucky at Olympics →

    1. Someone had the idea for this and thought it was a good enough idea to propose to others.
    2. Others agreed that it was a good idea.
    3. As the choir practiced, they still thought this was a good idea.
    4. During rehearsals, other people saw this performance and thought it was a good idea.
    5. This was performed before a world wide audience.

    I find each of these steps individually remarkable, and stupefying in aggregate.

  2. Waterlogue

    I’ve been seeing a lot of folks using Waterlogue recently. This is my first test image. Definitely fun to play around with, though it feels a bit like a fad/novelty. In other news, I’m successfully posting from my phone again.

  3. Dog Photos

    It’s been a while since I posted any dog photos. At 9 years old she’s starting to slow down a little, but still goes crazy for chasing the ball at the park and loves her walks. Seems like yesterday I was taking photos of her as a puppy.

  4. I lived my first 18 years in Seattle & the last 10 in Denver. I’m happy that both teams made the Super Bowl; I’m cheering for Denver today.