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I feel it. I feel it now more than ever. I delete more tweets than I send. I leave more blog posts half-written than I publish. Increasingly, I do the very opposite of the thing I’m most passionate about. I reneg on my right to the freedom of speech.

Yep. 🙁

In my case I used to spend a ton of time as an indy communicating directly with my customers via my blog. It was easy to discuss what I was working on because I generally wanted them to know about it and didn’t have other folks on my end to worry about.

Now I’m spending a lot of my time trying to make sure we have the processes and systems in place to support a great development team at scale at Crowd Favorite. It would be :scare: inconsiderate :/scare: of me to discuss those kinds of changes until they are first vetted through the team, but I’m hoping to start talking more about them as we implement processes and see the results. Both to share what we’ve learned, and learn from those who have different experiences.

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