November, 2014

  1. To: Family & Friends

    Date: November 26, 2014

    Subject: Clinical trial, hopefully starting in Dec

    Hi Everyone, Our schedule for meeting with MD Anderson actually got moved up a bit; we met with them in Houston a week ago rather than at the beginning of this week (as originally planned). They had an interesting phase 1 trial in the “expansion stage” (it’s showing good results so they make it available…


  2. To: Family & Friends

    Date: November 16, 2014

    Subject: Next Steps for Me

    Hi Everyone, I’m doing pretty well. My weight and strength are still down from where I’d like them, but I’m enjoying being home with Caitlin. I’m getting in a good nap or two a day as needed with the “may cause drowsiness” label on just about everything I take these days. Sometimes I doze off…


  3. Getting Started with BusyContacts →

    Wow! The BusyMac folks sure have been busy! I know, I know… I couldn’t help myself. As a BusyCal user for years I’m looking forward to playing with this, it sounds awesome.

    UPDATE: Wow, I’m blown away. I imported my contacts from iCloud, Twitter and Facebook. It took me 15 minutes to manually link the few contacts that weren’t auto-linked. Then the Combine Linked Cards view (this should be on by default IMO) made all the dupes go away. So cool!

  4. Lately I’ve been experiencing Google Voice calls not ringing to my phone long enough for me to actually answer them. Anyone else or just me?

  5. The Wearable Landscape pre-Apple Watch

    While the current wearables landscape is a story of slow convergence over the last 18 months, each device has clearly evolved from one of two origin approaches: activity/fitness tracker or smartwatch. Activity Trackers no notifications Nike Fuelband Fitbit One, Flex, Charge Jawbone Up Withings Activite Hybrid Activity Trackers also do notifications Garmin vivosmart Fitbit Surge…