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  1. Squadcast Interview

    I took part in a brief Squadcast interview that was published yesterday. We talked about WordPress, particularly plugins. The podcast is mercifully short, hopefully it is also interesting. 🙂 Thanks to the Squadcast team for having me on.

  2. RandomBits Podcast Interview

    Sara Smith interviewed me for a RandomBits Podcast. She asks some good questions, I hope my answers are interesting. The discussion includes a variety of things, including: WordPress Crowd Favorite ShareThis MyFreeBusy

  3. I’ve Been Interviewed at Bloggertalks

    Over the last few weeks, I’ve engaged in an e-mail interview with Thord Daniel Hedengren of Bloggertalks. That interview has been posted on Bloggertalks. Thord asked some good questions, I hope my responses are interesting. 🙂 This post is part of the project: Share Icon. View the project timeline for more context on this post.

  4. TalkCrunch

    I took part in a feed reader roundtable conversation for a TalkCrunch podcast today. It should be available tomorrow evening or soon thereafter. This was my first podcast, I think I probably stumbled on my words more than you’re supposed to – oh well. 🙂 This post is part of the project: FeedLounge. View the…