The Giants are in Trouble

If the Giants pitchers don’t shut down those Angels hitters, this thing will be over pretty quickly. I hope Woody has better success tonight in game 4. Livan couldn’t make the Angels chase pitches outside the strike zone and he couldn’t get them to miss the pitches in the strike zone. Guess my prognosticating career is over before it began.

Like Greg Maddux said after losing to the Yankees in the WS a few years back: "It’s very hard to get a hitter off balance if they are content to just hit a single to the opposite field." Hitting is timing, pitching is disrupting that timing… the Angels approach at the plate is a one that will be very successful more often than not.

I was surprised that the Angels and the Giants made it to the World Seris because neither has dominant starting pitching. Usually a Pedro, Schilling, Johnson, Mulder, Zito, etc will carry you deep into the postseason but this year it’s been the hitting and solid relievers that are the story. Will it continue like this?

On another note, Barry Bonds is putting on a performance that has finally convinced me that he belongs in the same discussion with Ruth, Williams and Mays (and perhaps Musial)… too bad Williams isn’t around to see this.

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