Browsers: Phoenix, Netscape 7 (& AOL)

For anyone who does "serious" browsing, I highly recommend Phoenix as the browser of choice on Windows and Mozilla on Mac. The both offer what I currently consider to be the 2 most important features on a current browser: pop-up blocking and tabbed browsing. I stopped using IE because after trying out Mozilla for a few days, I coudn’t stand going back to pop-up/under ads everywhere. Besides, TypeAheadFind is way cool.

I installed Netscape 7 today and spend the next 5 minutes cleaning out all the Netscape and "Free AOL" shortcuts from my system. 5 Free AOL shortcuts were placed in various places on my system: on the desktop, in the start menu, in the start -> programs menu, in my IE favorites, and in my IE favorites -> Links folder. Netscape put application shortcuts for itself in 4 places, I deleted 3 (desktop, start menu, IE Favorites – keeping one in start -> programs). This is RIDICULOUS! For a browser that needs marketshare, pissing off people who install the product does not seem like a good tact. Perhaps they hired some product managers from Real.