Throwing in the Towel, Trading for Next Year…

I thought I had a pretty good team in my fantasy football keeper league, but I’ve lost a bunch of close games and now sit in 16th place (16 team league). There is no playoff system in this league, so I’m well out of it at 3-7. Time to trade for next season, which I did! I am actually close in points (-38 points) to the #3 team and ahead of the #6 team (+30 points) but that is how it goes in football, luck is a major factor.

After offering up a bunch of deals, I got this one to go through:

I get: Donovan McNabb

I give: Curtis Martin, Tim Brown, Trent Green, Martin Grammatica, Carolina Defense and Koren Robinson

Now my keepers are McNabb, Deuce McAllister and Ricky Williams and my draft position should be pretty good since I gave up all my other good players to set up my keepers.

Wait ’til next year…