Misc. Mac Tips (Chimera, Photo Tools)

Here are some plugs for some nice digital photo utilities I have found useful. Curator is a great thumbnail browsing utility. It allows you to load a directory of photos and quickly glance through them. EXIF-O-Matic is a little utility that lets you view the EXIF data embedded in a digital photo. I find this useful for photos I haven’t loaded into my gallery. If you’re using Chimera, there are a couple of features you may want to manually enable. To make these changes, locate your prefs.js file in the following location:

/[Your HD Name]/Users/[Your User Name]/Library/Application Support/Chimera/Profiles/Default/[some weird folder name.slt]/prefs.js

and open it in BBEdit or some other text editor.

To enable custom icons in your bookmarks, add this line:

user_pref(“browser.chrome.favicons”, true);

To enable faster downloading/browsing using HTTP pipelining, add this line:

user_pref(“network.http.pipelining”, true)

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