b2 Calendar Plus

I’ve wrapped 2 of the calendar hacks together into one which I’ve released as Calendar Plus, also changed the code so it doesn’t ping the database as much. The way it works now is how I think it should work by default. I may send this to michel v for inclusion in the next release of b2. He may want it rewritten, but the features seem right to me. I’ve taken the previous calendar hacks off the main menu although they are still available through the Calendar Plus page.

My web site is pretty well set now, I’ve still got a couple of tweaks (show comments inline here when viewing a single entry, fiddle with a couple of the b2 built in functions) I plan to make, but I’m pretty pleased with the way it is working now.

The next project is finishing/polishing my task manager. I’ve had it in a stable, usable beta state for the last couple of months but I haven’t done any active development on it for a while now. I also want to get out a little and try some urban/city photography. Maybe I’ll venture to downtown San Jose this weekend and see what I find there.