b2 Hacks and Other Projects

I went ahead and released my Since Last Visit and Mobile Edition hacks for b2 since there haven’t been any bug reports for a week or so. There may still be some in there, but they’re well hidden at this point.

My gallery software gotten quite a bit of exposure over the last week. From MacUpdate alone there have been over 225 downloads in 4 days. I suppose if I keep sending out information when I update it, it will probably get little traffic boosts like that. I’m working on getting my tasks application ready for public release.

I started writing my tasks application 6 months or so ago to be a central place to keep track of my projects and to-do items. This is a hierarchical task manager that uses DHTML to allow client-side expanding and collapsing of the task heirarchy. I still need to complete some features to search functionality and better support for lists. I think I need to re-write the way I build lists, it’s too slow right now.

I’ve had over 1300 downloads of b2 Hacks and gallery in the last 2 weeks, I’m glad that people are finding my site and hopefully getting some use from this stuff.

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