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I found a person using my gallery software by visiting a referring URL in my server logs. If you do put this or my upcoming tasks software on a web server, be sure to protect the directory with a .htaccess file or anyone can come in and edit your entries. Yes, some security features so you can put it up online is in the future release plans alog with being able to publish collections of photos as slide shows.

I’m putting my tasks application up on a web server so I can access and add to a central to-do list from anywhere, I’m just using an .htaccess file to secure it. Need to build a mobile version next so I can use it on my Treo.

I’ve added check to make sure you don’t stomp data in my tasks app, but haven’t added the screen to handle it yet. When I’ve finished that and the resolution handling I’ll need to do the same in gallery and push out another release. It is really a much bigger problem in gallery because of the "Add Details" button. If 2 people are adding information about photos at the same time, they’re going to keep grabbing the same photos at the same time. Can you tell I only use this as a single user app? 🙂

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