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I am not a fan of reality TV shows. I haven’t watched a single episode of Survivor, the Race one, and I’ve left the room during Fear Factor. I did see an episode of the original Bachelor which was somewhat amusing but I didn’t see any of the second season. That said, I may well watch the upcoming Joe Millionaire on FOX. Mike posted on this subject already here.

I saw Bill Maher randomly on the Tonight Show last week. I used to enjoy watching his show on ABC because he’d actually discuss real issues and not skate around sensitive topics. Turns out he’s a reality tv dating show fan and had some great takes on the Bachelor. My favorite: "He seems genuinely surprised that he wants all of them. Of course he wants all of them!"

In other unrelated news, I signed myself up for a daily dose of Doonesbury again and saw that I’d missed the blog week.

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