tasks data -> iCalendars

I’ve been putting the finishing touches on my tasks app for the last month or so. One feature I wanted to add was the ability to view your task list by due date in a calendar view, but writing enough calendar functionality to make it worthwhile is a lot of work. I may still write a little weekly view or something like that, but for now I’ve created an iCalendar (.ics) feed instead that can be used with PHP iCalendar.

I’m grabbing scheduled tasks from the previous month and next 3 months when you click the calendar icon, I push them to PHP iCalendar and then show the calendar. From there, you can choose to subscribe to the calendar if you choose to using a calendaring app like Apple’s iCal. This will bring your tasks into your master calendar app – pretty cool!

I’ve got all of this working with my own tasks database, I just need to do a little packaging and it’s ready for a full-featured beta.

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