Augusta National

The hubub around the Masters and Augusta National’s male only policy is annoying me. The secretary of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club, Peter Dawson had the following to say:

"The most worrying aspect is how Martha Burk and her organization seem to be saying, ‘I have a view on how society should be ordered. You at Augusta National are not doing anything illegal, but you do not conform to my view. So I’m going to do everything I can to damage your golf tournament until you bend to my view."

Well said. In my opinion, it’s unfortunate that the NCWO is wasting their time on the policy of a private club that only 300 MEN are allowed to join. Not only that, but several prominent LPGA players have come out saying that they have no problem with the male-only club since women are allowed to play the course. In fact the only events that are still male-only are 3 (maybe 2, I don’t remember for sure) members-only parties during the year. This is a great example of the media helping a handful of people make a mountain out of a molehill with the result being a large waste of time and energy. It’s a shame that important women’s issues don’t get this kind of attention.

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