Slashdot’ing Revisited

Well, the slashdot experience was an interesting one. For starters, my web site had 10,612 visits yesterday – but more interestingly, I got email from people I hadn’t talked to in years. Friends called, IM’ed and emailed their congratulations (on the exposure) and condolences (on the bandwidth). I got lots of email from random folks with questions, related information and some kindly worded compliments. I never expected my simple little write up to be such a big deal. The timing of the article with the TiVo/Apple announcement regarding TiVo support for Rendevous is likely why it ended up on slashdot, but 3500+ visits from the folks linking from the Mac news sites the day before indicate that people were definitely interested in the topic.

Server Stats by Hour (open in new window)

Ironically, yesterday was the same day I got my cable modem installed (I just cancelled my DSL and home phone 🙂 ), so I had to reconfigure my network a bit including the AirPort (I let the AirPort do the DHCP and NAT) which needed to be changed from connecting via Manual IP to DHCP. In all the hubub, The TiVo was temporarily unable to connect (changing the USB port and restarting it brought it back) to the network. I was very relieved when everything was working again.

I was prepping to post version 1.0 of my tasks app, but I found a very minor bug (I’m not checking for invalid date combinations in the due date drop downs, it will return with an error in the next version) so I’m going to probably release rc3 this weekend and wait a few more days for a 1.0 release.

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