I’m on the lookout for really good step-by-step tutorials that describe how to install and configure PHP and MySQL on a Windows box. I’m looking for a suitable counterpart to these great Mac OS X "how to"s (PHP, MySQL).

I heard this song Sunday morning on KFOG‘s acoustic sunrise show. I was driving along thinking to myself, “Self, this sounds a lot like an old Simon and Garfunkle tune with Garfunkle singing the lead.” Sure enough, it’s off the new Art Garfunkle album. Might have to pick that up.

I had a bit of a frustrating weekend on the golf course – time to get some lessons again. My last approach shot on 18 on Sunday felt really great, I think I know what I need to work on – just need to find some time to do it. I’m making it though the workouts better in my conditioning class. As Seinfeld says:

I love to exercise, but I still have to laugh at it.

You go to the health club, you see all these people and they’re working out; they’re training, they’re getting in shape. But nobody’s really getting in shape for anything. In modern society, you really don’t have to be physically strong to do anything. The only reason that you’re getting in shape is so you can get through the workout. So we’re working out, so that we’ll be in shape, for when we have to do our exercises. That’s comedy.

Eric has posted more from his recent travels. I really like this photo.

This is a great resource for people who use the Chimera browser on Mac OS X. I added this to my links page as well.