Around the web

For your reading pleasure, a collection of links I’ve been gathering all week:

Here is a good article on regular expression for those who might want to know more about it. I’m using it to validate the structure e-mail addresses.

My site isn’t up here yet, but I had fun browsing through a number of old web sites I built years ago.

I found this nicely written blog when I put my site into this Google Browser. Too bad there is no RSS feed (I could find). I actually didn’t see any link from there to my site, but Google knows best 🙂

Here is a post that talks about how to write better PHP code. It is following up a pretty negative review of b2’s design. Most of what he says is correct, although if a script works well (works also means runs fast enough, etc), I don’t mind a little spaghetti code. Michel V is working on a complete re-write for version 1.0 anyway.

There are other PHP & MySQL blog packages out there. I haven’t seen one that makes me want to switch yet though.

YourSQL is the best Mac OS X GUI for MySQL that I’ve seen. I’m still using phpMyAdmin most of the time though, old habits die hard.