RSS Rocks

As Jackie Chiles might say, "If you ain’t feedin’ it, I ain’t readin’ it."

If you don’t have an RSS feed on your blog, it’s safe to say that I’m no longer a daily reader. I’ll still get there once (twice?) a week… but not daily. On the flip side, if you do have an RSS feed, I probably read your new posts within an hour of the time you post them.

Much like TiVo changed the way I watch tv overnight, RSS has changed the way I get information on the internet. During downtime I would sometimes hit the same web sites over and over looking for news, occasionally hitting the same site several times an hour… now, information comes to me every hour.

Using an RSS reader is very much like using your standard e-mail client. You have sites (like folders) and news items/posts (like e-mails) and each one has a link that you can click to go view more information. You even get little alerts when there is new news for you.

Now I just need to find (build?) a web based, PDA friendly aggregator to use when I’m on the road… perhaps I can build a PDA skin for this one (currently? being built on Magpie RSS) when it is released.