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I ended up starting development on some of my 1.x features for tasks a bit earlier than planned. The load-on-demand system is done, seems to be working nicely although I’ll be interested to see if people are happy to make the trade off of having faster initial page loads and having the tree view on the home page while losing the instant expansion of tree nodes on tree view pages. I know it’s the right approach, but it just doesn’t feel as snappy. All you Mac IE users out there may want to stick with version 1.0 – for some reason, Mac IE feels it needs to repaint the screen when an iframe loads and copies in some content.

To get some user feedback on the change, I’ll be posting a beta with the load-on-demand functionality and more task views soonish. Still working on a final design for the views/filtering, if I allow saved filtered queries, stuff like that. I’ll definitely have a beta demo up, not sure if I’ll make a zip file available or not.

I’ve got my documentation outline complete along with a bunch of content written for it. I had to consult with a documentation friend of mine to make sure I was structuring things right – thanks Jim! He said it looked good, so we’re on track.

I haven’t found a good lightweight content management/templating system to use yet for building the documentation, any suggestions? Needs to have a way of managing content in include files or in a database and be able to output everything to raw HTML files so I can include the docs in my download zip files. Something like the PHP.net manual that allowed comments would be pretty cool too. If I don’t find one, there will probably be another addition in my software section as gallery needs documentation as well.

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