Safari Bugs

I’ve posted 3 test cases for Safari bugs that will likely annoy Safari users who try the upcoming beta of tasks.

  • Case #1: input form elements in content inserted using document.write() lose their value, um… value.
  • Case #2: divs and tables not playing nicely together. This one I will work around for now.
  • Case #3: Safari thinks there is whitespace in a dynamically inserted TD.

If you’ve seen these problems and know of a workaround or a fix; or if you see a problem with my code, please speak up. And quick, someone e-mail Hyatt. 😛

UPDATE: These have been added to the big list Mark has compiled.

UPDATE: Case #1 and Case #2 also appear in Konqueror v. 3.03 but Case #3 does not.

UPDATE (2003-05-15): Case #3 is fixed in Safari beta 2, however Case #1 and Case #2 are still broken. And still no support for the ‘title’ attribute.

UPDATE (2003-06-23): All 3 bugs are fixed, and there is psuedo ‘title’ attribute support in the status bar.