Sneak Peak at tasks 1.5 (beta 1)

I’ve posted a demo of tasks 1.5 (beta 1) for those who would like a sneak peak at the next version. If there is interest (and there aren’t too many bugs found), I can make the beta available for download.


Optimized database queries. A nested save that took 13 seconds now takes 2.
Created load-on-demand system to speed up page display.
Made tree view available on the home page.
Added parent task picker.
Added date picker.
Added “Add Date/Time” button for inserting date/time into notes field.
Added more robust search functionality complete with client-side validation.
Search criteria is returned with results.
Made all lists sortable, sort order is remembered in search session.
Added preference for sort order on home page (uses SQL order by format)
Added more tooltips for usability.
Added label to “Sticky Task” push-pin.
Layout cleanup on Edit Screen.
Added an option to hide deleted tasks in History list.

Bug Fixes:

Breadcrumb link in new task screen wasn’t confirming properly when you left the screen without saving after making changes.
Fixed problem on resolve screen where date due was thought to be changed when it wasn’t.

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