And now for 3 totally unrelated topics…

After measuring the size of my 15″ PowerBook, I think maybe the 17″ moster wouldn’t be too big after all. Maybe I’ll try to get the second rev when it is released – hopefully with a speed bump towards the end of this year.

And in other news… if I never see Jim Grey again on TV, I’ll be a happy man. I know that Bill Walton gets much more hate, but Grey is popping up everywhere. First it was just basketball, then baseball and now he has brought his stupid questions to the golf course as well. Note to NBC, ABC, ESPN, CBS – NO ONE LIKES THIS GUY! At least I’m watching this on TiVo so I can fast forward whenever I see him.

While I’m talking about TV – if you aren’t watching The West Wing, you’re missing the best TV show I’ve ever seen. It looks like they will be repeating this season’s opening shows in the next couple of weeks so now is as good a time as any to do yourself a favor and start watching.