I am now (a touch cautiously) a big Syndirella fan. Finally a decent RSS reader for Windows. It imports and exports OPML and happily gobbled up my OPML export from NetNewsWire Lite, it uses the same keyboard letter (M) to mark a feed as read as NetNewsWire, and it even supports reading "newsreading" non-RSS-enabled web sites!

That part has got to be the coolest – you enter in the URL of a blog or news site and it shows you the source of the page. You then copy and paste the tags that are at the beginning and end of the title, date, post, etc. and it will treat it like an RSS feed. Way cool! The only annoyance so far is that if you close the window, it closes the app – I keep doing this out of habit. I hope an option to close the window but keep it running in the system tray shows up soon. Development seems active and I’ve got high hopes for this to be my RSS solution on Windows.