Oppose the War, Support the Troops?

I’m having trouble with the "Now that the war has started, we should support the troops" attitude. I don’t hold the soliders accountable personally for the invasion, I understand the soliders role and place the blame squarely on our leaders for the direction we are taking. I don’t want the soldiers to be hurt or killed and I don’t look at them as murderers or anything like that – but I can’t support what they are doing.

I think there is a bit of a logical problem with "supporting the troops but opposing the war". If you oppose the war, then you oppose the invasion. If you oppose the invasion, you oppose the actions of the troops that are doing the invading. So if you say you oppose the war and that means you oppose the actions of the troops, what does it mean to say that you oppose the war but support the troops. What does it mean to "support" the troops and oppose their actions at the same time?

Here is an article debunking some myths on both sides of the war discussion.

Robert Elliott has dissected the President’s speech. Has anyone else noticed that the President breaks down sentances into 2-3 word chunks and delivers them very slowly without normal sentance inflection. I think this is a change his speech team made intentionally so he doesn’t make inflection mistakes while giving the speech as he did during the election campaign.