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Not much to share this week, a whole bunch of work sandwiched between 2 weekend mini-vacations = not much web surfing or reading.

The fellow who integrated Smarty into b2 has developed an installer script for it now. Very cool stuff. I’ve been thinking about writing a similar script for my web based applications.

Here is another Mac OS X CVS Installer. I am really running out of excuses for not getting CVS set up.

Looks like Camino is getting a new bookmark manager, Safari style. Nice to see good ideas flowing from one browser to the other in both directions.

Liam Bedford has some usability issues with the new signs from Check out his take on what some of these mean. My favorite has to be: If you are trapped under falling debris, conserve oxygen by not farting.

…and that brings us to some war related links:

Here are some war related blogs: a collective blog from the BBC and one from someone in Iraq.

Here is an article from the BBC about collateral damage.

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