tasks 1.5 b3

I’ve put up beta 3 of tasks 1.5. This has a bug fix for the SQL install script (the only bug reported in beta 1 or beta 2) and a couple of small new features. I’ve added the 10 most recently modified tasks to the bottom of the jump to list – selecting one of these will take you to that task in edit mode. Handy for making a change to a task you recently were working on. I also removed the bottom toolbar from the edit form (there is a preference now if you want to turn it back on).

The documentation has not been touched in a while – I’ve got to get the framework/outline finished done so I can post it and ask for some help contributions. Maybe when I have documentation I’ll get a 3rd donation – as it is I seem to get one every 1500+ downloads. 🙄

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