Baseball fans should read this excerpt. When Bob Costas’ book Fair Ball came out, I got the audio version and listened to it on my way to and from work. It is a very well thought out and clearly presented plan for how to save baseball. The whole book is great and I gained a new respect for the announcer – it also sparked a "Bob Costas for Commissioner" movement that seems to have lost its legs.

Costas speaks to the financial gulf between the haves and the have nots and he proposes solutions. What is interesting to me is to see as the gulf between team payrolls has increased, small market teams have made a bit of a comback through good management and a sound strategy based around young (cheaper) players. This strategy only works if your front office is really smart and really deadicated – it has to me so much harder than sitting back and signing established major league stars for whatever salary they ask for. As each young star with the A’s reaches their free agent years and leaves to go to the big bucks and glitz of New York, I wonder how long the A’s can keep their farm system stocked with prospects that are ready to step in and play.

If you like baseball, you should find a copy and read it (or listen to it on your way to work).

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