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So to follow up on Greg‘s comments regarding my stance on the war. I guess I’m somewhere on the fence. My problem with our country’s actions is not so much that we are going after Saddam Hussein, but the way we’ve done it with little regard for the UN or world opinion and what I consider a campaign of deception here in the US. The polls I’ve seen show between 55% and 75% support for the invasion and 35%-45% asked in the same poll thought that we had evidence that Iraq had ties to 9/11. At this point, I’m just hoping that we are willing to work with the UN and other countries after Saddam is gone and repair some of the international goodwill we have burned in the last few months.

Here is an article about Iraqi’s in favor of the the US invasion written by a Jewish-American living in London who had actaully gone to Baghdad to protest the war.

Contrast that to reports I heard on BBC radio of Iraqis who were returning to Iraq through Jordan. These men were returning to fight against the British and US troops. I think that the only thing that is clear is that there is no 100% consensus how the Iraqi people feel about the war, like everything else in the Middle East – it’s complicated.

There is some good reading to be had over here, don’t forget to read the comments too.

I love The Onion. 🙂

If you haven’t been reading Doonesbury this week, you’re missing out.

From the BBC, How Saddam may see the war.

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