Perfect White-Balance

I’ve been using the Wallace Expo/Disc for the last couple of months and it is a very good way to get consistent true colors with a digital SLR. If you are shooting shots of people, you know that skin tones are important, and the Expo/Disc will nail it 9 times out of 10. Most of the time I will choose use it if I have time but there are some times I decide not to. When the lighting out is really yellow (as it often is at night in the Bay Area with the yellow street lights out here) I sometimes see the :scare: true :/scare: colors as looking too unnatural and futz with the built-in settings instead.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the Expo/Disc performs at the baseball games I’ll be attending this season. I think I’ll have to keep taking white balance shots with it as the night games wear on and the lights take effect on the field. I’ll post some samples from the next game I attend and we’ll see the results.