b2 Group 1.0

b2 Group is a new b2 hack that lets you group a selection of posts on a single page. This was something that Eric wanted because of all the fabulous trips he goes on. This way he can blog his trip journal and pull those entries out on a single page. I am optimistic that I will go on some cool trips sometime soon and will get to use it too. 🙂

What the hack does: basically you specify a list/range of post IDs and after the normal query that b2 does to get your posts, it does an additional query to get only the posts you specified and shows those instead. This method is not the speediest, but it isn’t noticably slower in my testing and makes it much easier for people to plug it in to their page without a lot of code changes. It’s a hack. 8)

It includes 2 files, one for people familier with PHP arrays and one for people who aren’t. Pick the one that’s right for you. If you use it please take a moment give me a little link or send me a note to let me know, thanks.

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